Introducing an evolution in parent-child relationship building.





 13 great stories with wise, lovable characters to entertain your family. Supported by easy mindfulness practices and delivered straight to your home over the course of 1 year.

 "My new all-time favorite children's book. Elegant, wise and profound, these pages will offer your child the inestimable gift of always knowing where to find peace: within their own selves. Every child needs to read this wonderful book!"
- Dr Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychotherapist and Author of NYT bestselling , The Conscious Parent about "The Boy Who Searched For Silence"

"This beautiful little book magically transforms ancient non-dual spiritual teachings of Oneness and unconditional love into an accessible, colourful and fun story that everyone can enjoy and understand"
- Jeff Foster, Author and Spiritual Teacher about "The Fish Who Nearly Drowned in His Search For Water"

“Andrew's books are deeply healing and inspire growth in the core of the soul and personality, touching emotions shared by children and parent alike."
- Susan Anderson, Psychotherapist and Author

"I found Andrew's books to be deep and meaningful and light and refreshing. I highly recommend them to parents , educators and anyone who wants to connect with children"
Janet Wepner, Montessori Educator


Stories For The Whole Family

The Fish Who Nearly Drowned In His Search for Water
Follow the adventures of our hero, The Little Fish, as he searches for water hoping that it will end his loneliness and make him happy. A delightful reminder that what you seek is already here.

The Bee Who Couldn't Choose His Flower
Follow the adventures of our hero, Bee, as he learns the joy of choice and returns victorious to the hive. A simple reminder of the importance of making decisions.

The Tree of Goodness
Follow the adventures of our hero, Tree, as he wanders through the forest of Should and Shouldn't hoping to ease his doubts and find his goodness. A reminder of the natural goodness of all beings.

A Little Light
Follow the adventure of “A Little Light” as he is born into the world, intending to shine brightly. Unfortunately he learns some ‘wrong’ things and loses his light before several attempts make him better. A reminder that there is a light that shines inside every child that is best nurtured through an wholistic view.

The Boy Who Searched For Silence (Available now)
Follow the adventure of our hero, The Boy, as he hopes to escape from the noises of life that trouble him. This story was written after a 4 day silent retreat and will help you and your child fall into silence together.

The Dad Who Didn't Know
Follow the adventure of our hero, Dad, as he winds himself up in knots thinking that he should know everything.  This is a deeply liberating story that you can lean on in the moments when you don't know, (but think you should!)

The Laughing Witch (Available Now)
Follow the adventures of our hero, The Laughing Witch, as she prepares her pot with the fruits of the forest she loves. She offers a beautiful rolemodel for living hand in hand with nature and teaches about sacred space.

The Elephant Who Tried To Tiptoe (Available now)
Follow the adventure of our hero, The Elephant, as s/he falls in and out of love with her/hemself. This story reminds children to be their true self and to love the body they have.

The Hug Who Got Stuck
Follow the adventure of our hero , Hug, in a nail-biting, near-death tradgedy that causes the heart to block up and all hugs in the world to loose a little of their glow.  This reminds us that sometimes it takes surrender for everything to get better.

The Cookie Who Lost Its Chips
Follow the adventure of our heroes, The Chocolate Chips who escape the sticky cookie dough, slips out the firey oven and make a run for it!  This is a playful story showing how different viewpoints create misunderstanding, but patience and curiousity create togetherness.

A Word From The Author

 “These special stories dance around my mind, keeping me awake until I write them down. They have simple, easy to read messages that seem deeply familiar to all who read  them. I like that.

They make life a little brighter, happier, simpler  and enjoyable. That's a good thing. I think.

Andrew Newman